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The Resendez Family

Erik, Susan,
Hannah & Sarah Resendez

Missionaries to El Salvador



Thanks for your interest in the Hope 4 El Salvador mission. Erik and Susan have an undeniable passion for foreign missions. They have proven this by liberally giving their time and resources to support the global mission ministry at Calvary Shreveport. God is now raising them up for full time vocational service to the people of El Salvador. Erik and Susan bring an infectious spirit of creativity and enthusiasm to every task they undertake. They serve whole heartedly, as unto the Lord, in every facet of ministry. The Resendez family stands ready to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the people of El Salvador, but they need prayer and resources.

Please use this site as a tool to see what God is accomplishing in our ministry, connect with us, and support our mission, Hope 4 El Salvador!