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Erik's Testimony

Erik was born in Colorado Springs. His mother and father divorced when he was less than a year old. Erik’s mother, a native Korean, knew little English and worked to provide a decent life for them both. Though Erik’s parents divorced, his mother remarried several times over the course of Erik’s adolescent years. His mother was a great provider, but this left Erik at home by himself more times than not. He essentially raised himself. This type of atmosphere did not provide any support or guidance for Erik. Erik took advantage of the situation and made some bad decisions in his life. He fell into a group of friends that led him down a path of alcohol and drugs. Erik was in fifth grade when he experimented with drugs in his life. Though his mother tried to raise Erik, she simply could not prevent the path that Erik had chosen.

The summer prior to Erik’s 7th grade year, Erik’s family moved into an apartment complex across town. Even though his mother only moved to run a nightclub, the move was beneficial to him. Erik was again faced with the opportunity to get into trouble. His mother worked from 6pm to about 3am in the morning. Erik had plenty of opportunities to fall into the wrong crowd. However, God’s protection was great in Erik’s life. The summer that Erik moved into those apartments, Union Baptist Association in Houston had moved to bring a new initiative to the communities in Houston.

First Baptist Houston was a mega church that was dedicated to Evangelism. They experimented with the idea of busing inner city families into their church for worship, but soon realized that was not going to work. Instead, they decided to establish churches within apartment complexes located in the inner city and win souls through this initiative. The first apartments they tried this new initiative in were the ones where Erik lived. The ministry was small, but after a year, they began to establish themselves throughout the complex and surrounding neighborhood.

Erik was not the first to go to the different activities, but one by one, his friends were beginning to attend Bible studies and fellowships through this ministry. Eventually, Erik found himself right there with them. One Wednesday evening, Erik went to a youth service at First Houston. The youth minister preached about salvation and after the service; a counselor sought Erik out and asked him questions regarding the message. Erik accepted Christ that night and his life was forever changed! Erik grew in his faith and the Lord began to develop a love for missions within Erik’s heart. The summer prior to Erik’s12th grade year, God again called Erik and impressed upon Erik to follow a call into the ministry.

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