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Susan's Testimony

Susan was born in Denver, Colorado, the second of two daughters. When she was 2, her parents moved the family to Shreveport, Louisiana to be closer to extended family. Susan remembers happy days, surrounded by the love and support of her family.

Then, when she was 5, her dad was convicted of insurance fraud and went to prison for a year and a half. Susan’s dad was the light of her life, a source of strength and comfort to her. The months that followed were hard for the family and Susan felt scared. Some of the happiest moments during this time were when Susan’s mom would take her and her sister to Bellaire Baptist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana. Susan loved Sunday School, felt board stories, singing songs, and learning Bible verses.

Eventually the time passed, and Susan’s dad came home. It was such a happy time in her life. However, Susan couldn’t let go of the fear of being left again. She always worried that something would happen to one or both of her parents and she would be left alone. Then one day at children’s church, the Lord changed Susan’s life forever. That day, the sermon was about the need of a Savior. Susan listened intently as the children’s pastor spoke about forgiveness of sins and the love of a Heavenly Father that would never leave or forsake her. To her 8 year old heart, this seemed too good to be true! A father that would never leave again – that would always be with her – Susan desperately wanted that. She prayed immediately for God to forgive her of her sins and asked Jesus to come live in her heart. Susan’s family stayed active in church for the next 4 years and Susan grew in her faith.

As the years passed, Susan moved to Haughton, a small town about 15 miles from Bellaire Baptist, and Susan’s family eventually quit going to church. Throughout her junior high and high school years, Susan seldom went to church. She remembered the Bible truths taught to her as a young child and would cling to them during hard times.

Eventually, Susan’s family moved again, this time to Shreveport. Susan’s mom began to attend Ingleside Baptist Church, the church she had attended when she was a young adult. The summer before Susan’s senior year, she and her dad began to go to church with her mom. Listening to God’s word being taught and preached each Sunday was like a breath of fresh air to Susan. For the first time in her life, she began to read her Bible and pray daily. God began to work in Susan’s life and she began to teach Sunday School, sing in the choir, and was active in visitation program. When Susan was 18, while listening to a visiting missionary from Nigeria, the Lord started to speak to Susan’s heart about missions.

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